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— Daily Tune 28/04/2020

Haux Embraces Sinister Emotions On Haunting Piano Ballad “Heavy”

We all know what it feels like when everything around just gets too overwhelming – be it for personal reasons or the condition of the world at large. Songwriter and producer Woodson Black, better known under the stage name Haux, has just wrapped up this sentiment in his most recent single Heavy. Just built around some sparse piano arrangements, Black’s tender, almost whispered vocals confront feelings of disappointment and heartbreaks, while creating a fragile atmosphere. There is the strong expression of deep vulnerability and yet, hope lingers through between the lines of this chilling masterpiece. Heavy is the first song off his upcoming debut record Violence In A Quiet Mind (due June 26th) so make sure to keep this artist on your radar. Give his single a good spin right here.

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