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— Daily Tune 21/02/2022

Helena Deland’s “Swimmer” Is An Acoustic Gem With Rare And Unharmed Purity

Following her fantastic debut LP Someone New, Montreal’s Helena Deland shares a new intimate and haunting new single called Swimmer and if you’re a melancholic folk type at all, you should give this one the attention it deserves. Dedicated to her mother who passed away just last year, the singer-songwriter pieces together a chilling composition which dives deep into the essence of mourning but not without extracting all the beauty that lies in any event of loss. “Some losses are too big to wrap our minds around. Here, I am on the beach, watching my mother swim, faced with the immensity of the ocean, of our fragility, riding the troughs of magical thinking and crests of acceptance”Deland shares about the tune, which is a statement nailing the very core of the piece. Dive right into this acoustic beauty and make sure you take in the self-shot and self-directed video of the musician as well.

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