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— Daily Tune 28/02/2020

Henry Green – ‘Realign’

With some songs it takes a little while until they got a hold on you, and then they just seem to last forever, just like this tune right here. Realign is the latest single and first release of Henry Green ever since his 2018 debut record Shift and is a stunning example of such evolving potential. With ambient instrumentation, modest rhythm patterns and a heavenly falsetto voice, the Bristol-based electronic artist lures us into a half world in between light and shadow. The song talks about the bliss of giving way to personal sensations of feeling lost in the moment and of setting your focus anew. “Realign is about self exploration, and the idea that clarity can actually arrive in the moments when you’re distanced from your thoughts, and the preconceptions of how things should be. I wanted the track to feel expansive and euphoric, but intimate and honest in equal measure“, Green says about the song. And there is more to come: The second album Half Light is set to drop in June.

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