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— Daily Tune 22/05/2018

Herr D.K. – ‘Zwischen uns’

In one pivotal moment of his latest music video, Herr D.K. shortly leaves an ongoing conversation and takes notice of someone playing a song at the bar he sits in. That someone is Herr D.K. himself and he is performing his new song Zwischen uns (Between us) together with his live band. Not much is known about the Hamburg musician who tried several band outfits before he started writing songs as a solo artist. Still, that state of the unknown is kind of refreshing as it shifts the focus towards the artist’s music. Zwischen uns is Herr D.K.‘s second official release and part of a double a-side that includes an earlier track entitled Weißt du wieso (Do you know why). If you carefully search the web, you might find two more songs uploaded to the musician’s SoundCloud page. Zwischen uns, however, is Herr D.K.‘s most wonderful work to date. It gently tells about the realisation to be against something or someone, about leaving and arriving, and consequently about finding your place in life. Whereas neither motif nor sound of Herr D.K.‘s songs might be brand new, the nordlicht understands to tell his little stories with interesting, well-chosen and emphatic words as well as within a frame of most beautiful melancholy. Therefore, Zwischen uns is a three-minute gem we’d like to cherish and share with you. It’s something between us.

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