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— Daily Tune 17/11/2021

“Purple” By Hollow Coves Brims With A Vulnerable And Sentimental Energy

Following their latest Blessings EP earlier this year, the stunning new single Purple sees the Brisbane folk duo Hollow Coves return with a bright and warm sentiment. Vulnerable as ever, the tune takes its genesis from a defining moment in band member Matt’s relationship with his now wife. “One afternoon, early in our relationship”, Matt recalls, “we sat beside a lighthouse on Fingal Headland and put everything on the table. It was the first time being completely vulnerable with each other and it opened a door to a whole new dimension in our relationship.” While gentle acoustic and electric guitars open up the piece, kind of reminiscent to early Coldplay material (well, it’s all about the colours, right?), Purple soon soars up to nostalgic and enthusiastic shores, rediscovering a “place that was meant for more than we know”. Treat yourself to some of these mellow vibrations and give the tune a good spin right here.

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