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— Daily Tune 05/11/2018

Hôy La – ‘Purple’

We had a chat with Ingri Høyland, aka Hôy la, back in Bergen a month or so ago at Vill Vill Vest. Since then, she’s been to Japan for some shows, and took the opportunity to shoot a video for her new single Purple there.  Purple is cut from the same musical cloth as the singles she’s been putting out over the past couple of years, narcotic, heavy, art-electronica. It’s all hazy and shadowy atmosphere, the fugue punctured only by the bullet-fire ratatat of the drums, over which Høyland’s vocals paint (Yayoi Kusama-inspired) imagery as murky and mysterious as the music itself. It’s an enigmatic song that hints at secrets without ever revealing them, and that well-written mystique will keep you listening again and again. On the video, Høyland says: ‘The streets of Japan and the lifestyle of the Japanese are very aesthetic – the orderly streets, people’s pragmatic way of life and of course the architecture is so simple and functional but so beautiful’. Check it out now, and Hôy la has an EP on the way early next year.

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