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— Daily Tune 28/03/2018

Hyperkid – ‘Zero Gravity’

It has been eight long years since the last truly vital sign of singer and songwriter Roman Fischer. Considering Fischer’s curriculum vitae as a musician, this remarkable period of time passing by since his last proper release – a grandiose self-titled pop record – may seem irritating, or at least confusing for some. Labelled by the music press first as an indie poster boy and musical wunderkind, he at a later stage of his career was condemned to serve as the hope of German pop. However, the expectations of a major record label directed at Fischer’s third album eventually did not pay off, and so he vanished. Hence, the signs are on a fresh start. His now emerged alter ego Hyperkid combines Fischer’s fruitful interest in technology with clever melodies and the singer’s outstanding voice: Zero Gravity tells the story of an astronaut testing a new space suit while the Earth is hit by an asteroid. The astonishing computer-simulated clip accompanying the uplifting tune was created by Fischer himself. In a press release, Roman details that the story-based project is set to continue. We hope it will.

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