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— Daily Tune 05/12/2019

Intertwine – ‘I’m A Nobody Too’

Tarjei Ekelund’s Intertwine project has been hard at work over the past year, touring extensively and dropping a steady series of singles. The new baby is called I’m A Nobody Too, and steers the band’s sound firmly into chillwave pop. Ekelund’s vocals and the song’s soft synths flow together like the waves of a tide, but despite it being a song that doesn’t feel the need to indulge in fireworks, it still keeps enough energy and vibrancy to avoid descending into dull sameness. It’s still dream-pop, but it motors instead of drifting, and swerves into a hazy, hallucinatory world to get lost in. Keep an eye out for a new EP from Intertwine next year.


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