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— Daily Tune 12/11/2020

Iris Makes A Delicate Song Sculpture Shine On “Lavender And Heaven”

Norwegian artist Iris (who walks around in her everyday life as Vilde Iris Hartveit Kolltveit) has been around for a couple of years now, and has a couple of EPs to her name. Now she has a debut album on the way, and her new song, Lavender And Heaven, is the best thing she’s ever put her name to. Lavender And Heaven is a rare bird of a song – it finds its strength and beauty in the delicacy of its construction, music as origami sculpture. From the glitter in its guitar to the shiver in her voice, it’s a demonstration of the power of restraint, that holding back can sculpt a feeling just as strongly as going all in. And when the chorus comes in, it’s written in pure silver, and it lights up everything around it. Iris says: “The song is me trying to reach out to me. I have changed a lot, but it’s always a ‘disaster’; love is always a disaster, but I am more grounded now, I feel more solid. I’m not-crazy-but-crazy”. Lavender And Heaven is out now on Gems.

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