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— Daily Tune 18/02/2021

ISLAND Dive Into New Textures And Emotional Depth On “Octopus”

Looking for a tune to fill you with nostalgia ? Complete with an addictive music video seemingly lifted out of an appropriately socially distanced summer paradise London band ISLAND release their new song Octopus as a follow up to their 2019 EP When We’re Still. The four, who have been friends since they were teenagers build on their melancholic indie debut with a song that is meant to encapsulate looking back on rebellious teenage years from a different place, where the sentiment to cause trouble has been replaced by new sentiments and a conflict exists between growing older and wanting to stay young. The single sees the band branching out into more complex production, different textures and instrumentation whilst still remaining decisively loyal to  their trademark indie rock sound. A lush listen particularly for those craving moments of lockdown escapism.

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