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— Daily Tune 07/01/2019

Isle Of You – ‘Change Of Heart’

It takes a brave band to release a single on December 28, when everyone is still half-asleep in the post-Christmas haze, but that’s exactly what Swedish duo Isle Of You did with their new track Change Of Heart. They (Öland’s Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson) have been releasing singles for a while now, but their first EP is pencilled in for the first half of 2019, and Change Of Heart is the first shot from it. So what does it sound like? Basically, sharp, hyper-melodic, hyperactive electro-pop. After a slow build up, it snaps into its rhythm, and the duo’s vocals lock into a rollercoaster of rapid-fire melodies, space-wars synths and emotional angst.  The band say: ‘Change Of Heart is about a relationship that’s ended, and even if logically it was right to end it, you can’t help but picture it working happily in a parallel universe’. It’s out now, and watch out for that EP later this year.

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