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— Daily Tune 30/01/2020

Jae Tyler – ‘Personality’

Jae Tyler rampages through different musical styles with the free-running energy of a puppy going through a box of dog toys, so it felt fitting to pick a song from his brand new album Jae Tyler Digest that best represented that shifting sands-songwriting. Album closer Personality is a true song of two halves, with the opening two minutes a manic rain of skidding bumper-car fuzz-rock, that then unravels into a slow-bubbling, dreamy outro. He runs through the characters too, hopping between fame-dilated rockstar and emotionally-stranded spaceman. But whatever masks he wears, he still sells his sincerity, something that he does all across Digest‘s 10 tracks. The album is out now along with a special zine, available to read online here or even acquire in real life at the release show in Berlin on January 31.

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