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— Daily Tune 12/04/2018

Jakob Ogawa – ‘Velvet Light’

Norwegian swoon-pop star Jakob Ogawa has already sparkled on previous outings, but his new single Velvet Light is a whole new thing. He’s always had a little hint of neon lounge lothario in him, but Velvet Light presses down hard on the Connan Mockasin button and is Ogawa‘s biggest adventure yet in sticky, low-light lover-pop. A song that should be sold in a merch bundle with a velvet suit, it’s a slick synth slow-jam, with little production touches and Ogawa‘s candlelight vocal elevating it to a whole new level. It would have been very easy to misjudge a step and wrongturn off a cliff on a song like this, but Ogawa pulls it off with prefect elegance. Velvet Light is out now on Playground Music.

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