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— Daily Tune 14/01/2022

Jana Horn’s “Time Machine” Is Quite A Tender Blow To The Ears

Hailing from Austin, Texas, singer-songwriter Jana Horn is re-releasing her debut record Optimism via No Quarter Records and the precious Time Machine is a worthy peak into the affair, listen for yourself. “‘Optimism’ seemed to come about indirectly, almost in passing, a feeling of being in-between things… I was really mobile at that time, living wherever. Half the songs came through in a week”, the musician shares about the writing process and one may easily find that attitude in the tender Time Machine. Subtle and unobtrusive, extremely galant and most of all quite delicate, Horn‘s voice navigates through the tune, accompanied by a sheer veil of electronic guitars and jazzy drums. Treat yourself to this gem, the full re-release is awaiting us as soon as January 21.

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