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— Daily Tune 09/09/2019

Jeangu Macrooy feat. Xillan – ‘Second Hand Lover’ (Acoustic Session)

Jeanguy Macrooy is a Surinamese born singer-songwriter who now lives in the Netherlands. His songs are a representation of Caribbean lightness and European pop appeal. But as summer’s slowly passing away and life turns golden again, it’s an appropriate time for updating one of his gentle summer tunes with a mellow acoustic version. And it even comes with the talent of not one but two Macrooy family members: Jeangu Macrooy‘s yearning Second Hand Lover is backed up by his twin brother Xillan in this disarming acoustic rendition. Carried only by their two outstanding voices and a guitar, the original song turns into a much more melancholic affair in this version. We’ll have to wait and see which version he will present during the upcoming Dutch Impact session on Reeperbahn Festival.

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