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— Daily Tune 15/02/2019

Jelly Crystal – ‘Beverly Hills’

As if the return of Foxygen on its own wasn’t enough, music-for-walking-the-streets-in-big-coats season continues with a new single from Jelly Crystal. That’s the musical project of Sweden’s Filip Johansson, who channels a glam-rock aesthetic through highly theatrical, dramatic pop music. His latest outing, Beverly Hills, sees his imagination take flight to California, for a song that paints a picture using luxurious, 60s style pop music hitched to a soaring, fantasy-fuelled chorus. It’s a song that’s a little bit Beach Boys, a little bit Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, and a lot of fun. Johansson says: ‘Now I actually think of myself as being in Beverly Hills. If I have my glasses on, I don’t even smell bad anymore. Lean and soft but at the same time disgusting. It is not a love song. More like ‘Hey man, people look through. You will probably get married to a fence”. It’s out now along with B-side Dear Nobody on Hi-Hat Music.

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