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— Daily Tune 19/11/2020

Jeremy Loops’ “‘Til I Found You” Is An Upbeat And Hopeful Outcry

When times are just pressing too hard, shouting out your fears and tensions can be incredibly helpful – and the most recent single ‘Til I Found You of Cape Town-based singer-songwriter and loop artist Jeremy Loops follows that manner in the most addictive and upbeat way possible. Relentless and demanding in its claims for personal freedom and bliss (“So take these things away from me / They’re useless bits I’ll never need / Stop my breath, so I’ll be free”), met by a rhythmic roar and a folk-fused vibe that quickly turns into a rushing swing, shaking up every fibre of your body. About the song, the artist remarks: “‘Til I found you, is a song about love, I suppose, but not in a traditional sense of necessarily longing for another but very much kind of the duel search, the search for ones self and the quest to find your centre, and hopefully through finding yourself you’ll be able to truly find love, support love, be in love and create a safe space for love to exist in your life.“ It is bold and truly idealistic, but if you ask me, there’s just the right amount of it, shining into any November tristesse you might go through right now. Tune in right here and make sure you get every bit of the joyous video, directed by Jeremy Loops himself.

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