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— Daily Tune 21/10/2019

JFDR – ‘Taking A Part Of Me’

It’s been two years now since the debut album, Brazil, from Jófríður Ákadóttir’s solo project JFDR, so it was more than time that we got some new music from her. And so we have, with the Icelandic musician returning with a new single Taking A Part Of Me. Musically, the song represents a move forward for her. It sounds a little fuller and richer in a way that distinguishes it from the more stripped-back compilations on Brazil. You get the impression that with different choices in production and arrangement, it could very easily live as a full-blown R’n’B-pop song. As it is, it’s almost like an shadow of one, addictive listening but airer and more enigmatic, keeping something to itself. Lyrically she’s pushing her emotions through the wringer, being torn to pieces at the song’s opening to growing into someone bigger by its conclusion. Her creative range is still epic, and she still manages to get a film’s scale of story into a song. A new album is set for 2020.

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