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— Daily Tune 08/04/2021

Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane Long For Distant Lights On “Gods And Monsters”

The Times has called Johnny Flynn “a man of many parts” and what could be more right than that? The British poet, musician and actor (Lovesick, Emma, as well as last year’s impersonation of David Bowie in Stardust) is announcing his new album Lost In The Cedar Wood (out on May 14), co-written by Robert Macfarlane, and the thrilling Gods And Monsters reveals a first glance of the captivating power that one can likely expect. Partly inspired by Victorian Assyriologist George Smith, who died in Aleppo in 1876 from the causes of a cholera epidemic, the track is “about false dreams and true love” and “about what it means to tell a story without ending”. Musically shining with the Flynn-typical flares of half-acoustic guitars, lyrically holding his ground between folk balladry and poetry, this one gives a well-versed tease into an album inspired by The Epic of Gilgamesh, the earliest notable piece of literature. That is pretty stirring and we can’t wait to share more on here soon – until we do, go ahead and give this tune a good spin!




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