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— Daily Tune 05/11/2021

Jonas Alaska Takes On Quicksilver Synthpop On “Just A Friend”

Norway’s Jonas Alaska used to swim in very different waters – over the course of five albums, his sound cast him in the classical singer-songwriter tradition. On his new album however – which started off with him writing songs for other artists, before taking the songs for himself when he grew attached to them – he takes a bold leap into something new. Because the new Jonas Alaska is a powerhouse of slippery, slick disco-pop. The song Just A Friend, from his new album Girl, is a fine showcase of his new sound. A club-ready track with neon running in its veins, in many ways it’s a classic piece of synth-pop – built on big beats that sync to the rhythm of your heart and your head, and with an emotional cocktail of sorrow and joy that explodes into a massive chorus. But it’s also flavoured with a little of hyperpop’s hi-res production style – it moves more quickly, sharper and light-footed, and that gives it an extra bit of spark. There’s plenty more of that on Girl – and Just A Friend is a fine way to open the door to that album.

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