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— Daily Tune 23/11/2018

Jonas Hibiki – ‘Yellow Tulips’

Norway is having a remarkable run of honey-voiced, soft touch funk crooners at the moment. Along with Jakob Ogawa and Selmer, Jonas Hibiki is the latest to throw his hat into the ring. The Bergen-based musician released his first single Glasshouse a couple of months back, and now Yellow Tulips is his second effort, and it’s pure low-light groove indie. A rippling bassline acts as the song’s motor, and around it wrap little dancing guitar riffs and Hibiki’s voice, which rolls from a rough yelp all the way up to an upper octave purr. He puts the bow on it all with a big ol chorus, which ties the song together. Yellow Tulips is out now on TIK, and watch out for more from Hibiki next year.

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