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— Daily Tune 27/10/2020

Jordan Mackampa Unleashes Soulful Vibes On Mood-Busting “Over & Out”

Following the release of his touching debut LP Foreigner earlier this year, UK newcomer and London-based Jordan Mackampa unveils yet another peak of his sparkling talent in the form of his new single Over & Out. His soulful voice pairs up with catchy guitar riffs and a rhythm that is bound to get you hooked to it, if you like it or not. The vibe is present from early on and the songwriter playfully demonstrates his virtue of blending a soulful essence with all the brimming energy a good pop tune requires, all the while maintaining a folk-esque warmth. There is a roar of  change and departure deeply rooted in the lyrical space of the song, celebrating the new and embracing one’s own strength in times when everything around is just weighing down too hard. And isn’t that the spirit we need right now? Listen on right here and keep this fellow on your watch – we know we will.

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