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— Daily Tune 15/05/2019

Jouska – ‘Titanics’

We’ve been a fan of the gloopy, lava lamp pop music the Olso duo Jouska (Hans Olav Settem and Marit Othilie Thorvik) produce for a while now, so the news that they’re back with a new single is always appreciated.  Titanics is the latest from them, a single that continues to mine the vein of colourful, oddball pop they’ve already been successful in. It sounds like a improvised Lego sculpture of a song, a stack of curiously-fitting, screwball sounds that somehow work together, given its soul by the tired sadness in Thorvik’s voice in a song about being buried under an unhealthy relationship. It’s out now on Koke Plate/ Eget Selskap, and a Jouska album is apparently on the way.

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