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— Daily Tune 09/02/2022

Jules Ahoi Shapes Blissful Acoustic Harmonies With A Dreamlike Vision On “The Past”

Hailing from Cologne, singer-songwriter Jules Ahoi is by no means a new face to the scene and yet should deserve way more attention than he actually does. His latest The Past is his first blow off the upcoming record Melancholic Dreamwave (drops on June 3) and shows him at the peak of his game, both as a songwriter and a musician: Intensely sharp songwriting pairs up with blissful acoustic and orchestral realms, as a certain brimming tension wavers through the sonic tunnels. As everything circles around string-filled harmonies towards the close of the song, there is yet an electronic hint to it. There is ambiance, there is mystery, there is the promise of space, and most of all, there is a lingering of tranquility. This track is an experience in itself and does make indeed as to how the focus on the essential takes shape on the new material. Make sure you head to the tune right here, with a music video featuring dancer Ulla Al-Hamad, shot by director Joshua Maciejok.

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