— Daily Tune 24/01/2019

Julia Rakel – ‘PDFILWM’

This is the song that made me realise that the current state of my brain really is soup, because I listened to it for two days and still didn’t twig what PDFILWM stood for until I read the press release explaining it. Julia Rakel is a Malmö-based musician and Rama Lama Record’s newest signing, and her debut single PDFILWM is a delightful piece of odd little pop music. Simply made, it’s a dreamy, charming song, pairing a whimsical airiness with a real bite in places (‘don’t talk so fuck-ing cryptically’), not so much bedroom pop but spring-in-the-kitchen pop. Rakel says: ‘The song is a sad song in cheerful wrapping paper. A tribute to friendship while at the same time a lament on how sad it is to lose someone’. It’s part of her debut indie fEELz EP, out on March 15 on Rama Lama.