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— Daily Tune 21/02/2019

Julia Rakel – ‘People’

How many people are brave enough to interrogate their friendships and not be afraid of what they might find? How many people are brave enough to wonder when the last time they actually had fun with their friends was? To wonder if their friends are ‘real’ friends? To wonder if they have any? Malmö’s Julia Rakel is on her new single People, which describes a friend group bogged down in the same stilted conversations and going nowhere but the scrap: ‘say something new, I beg of you’. Rakel writes her songs lightly, with just a little dab of synths and guitar riffs providing the song’s backbone, along with her featherweight vocal, before the track’s heart breaks around the two and a half minute mark and it all comes pouring out: ‘We’re all lonely, why are we still trying so hard, to make sure that no-one knows it’. It’s a beautiful song in a tragic way, and one that you’ll have a hard time shaking after hearing it.

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