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— Daily Tune 29/07/2019

June Vide – “Existential Boys Night Out”

Here’s a song that it briefly crossed my mind to call ‘Enya for the Instagram generation’, but then I realised that doesn’t make sense, so we’re going to be less useless and lazy than that and actually do this thing properly. June Vide are Swedish dream-pop duo or trio (they say “We’re Klara and Agnes, our bassist is called Sally, she’s the best”, which doesn’t make it super clear) that impressed on their debut double single No Need/ Blue earlier this year. Now they’ve put out the follow-up, Existential Boys Night Out, and it’s more evidence that they know what they’re doing when it comes to dream pop. Sounding a little like a choral Beach House, it’s a slow-burning, hazily-captivating piece of synth art, their voices flowing softy over the dreamy progression of the music. It’s got a mythic charm in its DNA, like fog lifting off the early morning water.

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