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— Daily Tune 31/01/2019

Jungstötter feat. Soap&Skin – ‘Wound Wrapped In Song”

Do you remember the German indie music three piece Sizarr that drew international attention to themselves with their two albums back in 2012 and 2015? One of them – the singer and frontman Fabian Altstötter – decided to start a solo project under the pseudonym Jungstötter and releases his debut album Love Is this week. One of his brand new pieces is Wound Wrapped In Song, a track that features the vocals of the Austrian singer Soap&Skin in the special session video you can find right here. Just like the majority of tracks on the new album, Wound Wrapped In Song is a touching and melancholic piece that convinces with Jungstötter’s deep and special voice that sounds much more older than he really is. You can’t shake off the Nick Cave references, right? Love Is arrives tomorrow and if you are into that sort of sound you should really give it a spin.

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