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— Daily Tune 18/01/2022

Kat Frankie’s “The Sea” Is An Indie-Rock Flavoured Anthem Of Doom

Following the magnificent lead single Shiny Things to her upcoming album of the same name (due May 13), The Sea marks Kat Frankie‘s second tease – and it comes with a roaring sense of passion and yet awaiting doom. Full of pathos, while carefully balancing the theatrical bow in between loudly raising one’s voice and trying to communicate a sensible message, the Berlin-based artist has crafted a powerful anthem that takes into focus the Western arrogance and greed of political demagogues, starting wars on foreign territory. Musically delving into indie-rock precursors of the 1990s, The Sea carries a guitar-swollen vibe and a desolated feel that drags you down the hole right from the start, developing into a hypnotising and progressive piece that catches on, once you’re in the stream of things. Tune into it right here and stay alert for that album coming soon.