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— Daily Tune 28/02/2022

Kathleen Frances Devotes To Sinister Breakup Feelings On “Boy”

Have you ever wondered what happened if one took the melancholic twist of Billie Eilish and the sombre drama of Adele and made it into something unique? Well, here is Kathleen Frances and her recent single Boy, taken from her forthcoming EP Through The Blue, showcases an impressive vortex of sinister emotions and spellbinding magnetism. Led off by dark piano chords, later accompanied by a mellow and profound string section, Frances‘ deep-seated baritone guides the haunting tune, almost not letting it escape its own darkness. “This one took me ages to write. I was really hurting from a breakup. I just wasn’t ready to go there”, the singer admits and adds: “Things change, people change. It’s sad but it’s also hopeful, it allows you to take stock and figure out what you really want. With this song, I was attempting to get the balance right between cathartic sadness and self assuredness”. The debut EP arrives in a few days on March 2 and if you want to get a peek of it just now, this is your chance right here.

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