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— Daily Tune 04/12/2019

Keir – ‘Shiver’

Without even having released a debut record yet, singer-songwriter Keir is already whirling up the music scene and is getting recognised far beyond the borders of his British roots. His latest release Shiver, an incredibly thick and explosive tune, shows him at his very best: Blending together influences of fiery indie rock with a captivating soul-like vibe, the track initially forces a steady rhythm, only led by a clear bass line and occasionally clear ringing piano sounds. It’s just when his frail falsetto voice almost seems to break on ending the first verse, that the sonic outburst is about to happen. Passionate and enormously vitalising, Shiver explores the whole range of an invigorating pop hymn deeply infused with the substance of a soul tune. The BBC is full of praise for Keir: „Every once in a while you come across an artist who changes every-thing. Keir is one of them.“ We could not agree more with this.

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