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— Daily Tune 31/07/2018

Klaus Johann Grobe – ‘Discogedanken’

The hottest days of summer are just the right time for the beloved Swiss weirdos Klaus Johann Grobe to report back. They’ve announced their third record Du bist so symmetrisch (You’re so symmetrical) via a first single called Discogedanken (disco thoughts) and what can we say…it’s a) a perfect, smooth soundtrack for overheated dancefloors in the summer and b) a typical, atypical, glitching disco-kraut-pop-song that only few could have come up with. While the album won’t be out until October 26th we get to drift away to Discogedanken already now along with a no less psychedelical video. According to Klaus Johann Grobe the song captures the moment of melancholy that kicks in after you’ve seen too many obtrusively happy faces on a night out and you start to get caught in your own mind as a result. That’s accurate and that’s once again so enjoyable.

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