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— Daily Tune 15/11/2019

Kriki – ‘Sól úti’

We’ve all been there – it’s Saturday, Sunday, or whenever your day off is, the sunlight is attacking your window, your sense of productivity is screaming at you, but you’re still in bed, pleasantly vegetating with a TV show you’ve seen a million times before. Icelandic duo Kriki’s (Special-K and Sindri Bergsson) new song Sól úti was made from and made for those times. This song is the perfect audio narcotic to flow through your body and make you float, an airy mixture of synths and Special-K’s online-choral vocals sculpted together into the musical equivalent of a cloud drifting across a warm sunset. Special-K says: “When my hard disk crashed two months ago, I was going through the material I managed to save and stumbled upon a video sketch I made in 2017 to a demo of the song Sól Úti of me lying in bed with an overlay of what I was doing on my laptop (scrolling through Facebook, playing games and watching Friends etc). However when my hard disk crashed, I felt a need to get unfinished projects out of my unsafe laptop and into the universe. Two days later I was playing in Copenhagen where I met up with the other half of Kriki, Sindri, and told him about my wish to finish the songs. It turned out that he was taking a break from school this semester and had time to work on the music with me, so a month later, when I suddenly found myself with an empty schedule for a whole week, I booked a flight to Copenhagen where I spent five days living on Sindri’s couch – recording, mixing and editing, in between drinking coffee and gossiping with Elísabet, his girlfriend and playing with Áróra, their adorable three year old daughter . It was a lovely time. To all the people out there with unfinished projects in their drawers, I recommend getting it out, it feels good to finish what you start”. Sól úti is out now along with a cover of Deejay Alice’s Better Off Alone.

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