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— Daily Tune 12/11/2021

Kristine Leschper’s “Ribbon” Explores The Frail Textures Of Love Relationships

Announcing her new album The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door (out on March 4 via Anti-Records), Kristine Leschper, who is formerly known as driving force behind Mothers, has just released its lead single Ribbon. The tune is a breezy and intimate introduction to the affair and features a self-directed video that does not fail to design the frail textures of Leschper‘s aesthetic potential. Organs, strings, horns and guitars bring a diverse sonic palette to the table and while Leschper‘s voice remaining in a solemn and somewhat cloudy mood, the arrangements provide a vital ground to these sonorous flights. The artist herself declares, that “Ribbon is a love song that holds a certain tension – it is the taut line of attempting to read the intentions of another, built with imagery of opposing materialities: a knife meets a ribbon, asking for a kind of vulnerability. A suggestion of something new emerging at this intersection.” Full of potential upswing, the tune explores the turning points of this human desire. Give the single a listen right here!