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— Daily Tune 08/03/2019

LaMee – ‘Doppelgänger’

LaMee have made a rapid start to their career so far. The St. Petersburg duo only started playing properly August last year, and had their first single out before the year’s end in the form of All The Power. Now they’re back with another, Doppelgänger. So how does Doppelgänger sound? Well, the relatively simple synthpop of All The Power makes way for something darker and meaner, with Doppelgänger a piece of pure noir-disco, bubbling along in a shadowy world of rumbling synths and enigmatic vocals, hovering just beyond decipherable, for a song that conveys a sense of darkness, danger, and emotion at the sharp end. There’s a little bit of Chromatics, a little bit of Ease in its DNA, for an accomplished, slickly-crafted take on nocturnal pop. The band say: ‘Doppelgänger is dangerous and noir. It’s more than a song. It’s a hypnotic, intoxicating reflection. It takes you whole. It’s sensual, seductive, tragic in some way. Hysteria. Is it a cry for help? Or is it initially seducing you?  Doppelgänger does know, but it won’t tell. You need to find an answer yourself. It will be different for everyone’.

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