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— Daily Tune 31/07/2019

Lauran Hibberd – ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’

Curiously, Frankie is a name that seems to pop up a lot in songs, compared to how frequently it appears in real life. Maybe there’s something about the syllables that slots it easily into a melody, but anyway, there’s a new Frankie in town in the form of Lauran Hibberd‘s new single. The English musician has been cutting out a name for herself over the past couple of years with a string of great singles, blending grunge sludge with sugar-sweet melodies, and a debut EP is on the way, preceded by new song Frankie’s Girlfriend. Here, she sticks the formula that’s always worked for her – the guitars alternatively chug and shred, the chorus gets jammed straight into your skull and the whole thing careers forward with the giddy chaos of a bumper car in the cycle lane. And so a story about landing in the orbit of a lunatic (Frankie’s Girlfriend could not be reached for comment) is Hibberd’s latest success. Her debut EP Everything is Dogs is finally out on September 20.