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— Daily Tune 09/03/2018

Lauran Hibberd – ‘Fun Like This’

Now, every single party I’ve ever been to has been absolutely 100% perfect, but maybe you lesser people have been to a bad party? Isle of Wight musician Lauran Hibberd has, and it provided the fuel for her questioning-it-all new single Fun Like This. ‘The song for me definitely reflects on being a bit of an outsider’, she says, ‘and traditionally not enjoying the other things twenty-year-olds do (whatever that may be). I kind of find a happier place in it also, I think we all often try to fit in with whoever is around us at the time and for me this track is just a big fat NO THANKS to that’. It’s a big, alt-90s grunge-y single, guitars layering a little sludge around Hibberd’s natural instinct for melody. It’s a classic formula, and Hibberd knows how to nail it perfectly. It’s out now on Diamond Club.

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