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— Daily Tune 26/09/2018

LCMDF – ‘Call It A Night’

Finnish sister duo LCMDF just released a new album, Sad Bangers, and deep in the album tracks on that record is a song that truly lives up to that title. Call It A Night has for its setting that moment when you should really go home, but don’t want to because holy fuck, you’d be left alone with your thoughts, and that’s the real nightmare. LCMDF play that scenario out over a choppy, spiky electro-pop song, with ironically one of the album’s biggest choruses, a tumbling, singalong effort that hooks you in instantly. There’s plenty more punky electro-pop on Sad Bangers, other highlights including It’s So Fucking Hard To Be Me and Thank God I Didn’t Get To Know You At All. It’s out now.

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