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— Daily Tune 10/06/2019

Lennixx – ‘Sunsets’

Having started off as Hanna & Andrea before deciding to go a little more obtuse and re-branding as Lennixx, Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström (yes that’s Zara Larsson’s sister) have been quietly building up an impressive body of work over the last couple of years. Their new EP Split By is the latest example of that, and closing track Sunsets is a solid introduction to their work. Lennixx specialise in low-light, hazy soul-pop, Larsson and Kallström’s voices swirling around each other like smoke from a candle, stepping lightly over the keys and subtle bassline that give the song its murmuring groove. There’s a heavy, opioid atmosphere cloaking the whole thing, as the band show off their skill at painting pictures of late, long nights where reality’s walls start to bend. Split By is out now on TEN.

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