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— Daily Tune 29/06/2021

Lewis OfMan and Alicia Te Quiero Team Up For Sparkling New Single “Siesta Freestyle”

To be straight up and honest, I don’t speak Spanish, and listening to this song about 50 times in the last week didn’t really change that, but Siesta Freestyle has more than enough appeal to reach out beyond a language barrier. A collaboration between French producer Lewis OfMan (aka Lewis Delhomme) and Spanish musician Alicia Te Quiero, they’ve summoned up a kind of breezy, sun-soaked contentedness and spun that into a pop song. Siesta Freestyle is a pretty simple song, built from a colourful, woozy synth line, skilfully augmented with a little funk-inspired guitar and a little disco sheen, and topped off by Te Quiero’s elegant, half-spoken half-sung vocals. It’s a cliché of course to say a song that comes out in June smells of the summer, but Siesta Freestyle makes that impossible to escape. It’s practically the sun shining off the water translated into music, it captures a very special mix of memories and dreams, and that makes it a song that it’s impossible not to fall for. You’ll find it on Lewis OfMan‘s new EP Dancy Party, out now on Profil de Face.

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