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— Daily Tune 03/05/2018

Lil Halima – ‘Abstract’

We’ve been excited about Lil Halima for ages – whispers about her have been rustling up and down the music industry’s grapevine for a while now, ever since she got signed to Def Jam off the back of some Instagram clips of her songs last year. So it’s exciting to be able to finally present her debut single, Abstract. The Norwegian is a multi-dimensional talent, who writes and produces herself, as well as doing her own single artwork and video, and Abstract is a fine showcase of what she can do. It sounds big – the electronics crunch and thud the song into life – but it’s also got a smooth, delicate groove, and Halima’s vocal soaks the song in soul. If the rest of her music is at this level, Halima will more than manage to live up to the hype.

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