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— Daily Tune 11/05/2020

A Warm Synth Glow Shines Through © Linda Fox’s “A Fire To Light”

Kari Jahnsen’s, aka Farao, label Street Pulse has quickly made itself Berlin’s cradle of adventurous, off-piste synth music, and © Linda Fox‘s new record Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is the latest addition to their catalogue. That record is a collection of synth songs that walk the line between accessible and experimental, combining warm, friendly melodies with diversions into the weird, and a lyrical mood that invites digging several meanings out of every word. The album couldn’t wish for a better introduction than opener A Fire To Light. Here, we find Fox diving into airily epic, softly euphoric 80s pop, a track that dabbles a little bit with pastiche of that genre, but also sincerely taps into the emotional depth and longing that gives that music its power. It’s shape-shifting, glowing synth-pop that opens the door to an album of strange treasures. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is out now.

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