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— Daily Tune 09/11/2020

LINN Summons Up Fizzing, Restless Art-Rock On “Happy Metal”

Copenhagen musician LINN‘s new single Happy Metal presents the listener with a moving target. Here, she’s stitched together a mass of musical patches, a papier mache of burnt out guitar, drum and synth parts that fizzes with restless energy, a song that feels like sitting in the middle of the ranging information flow imagined as art-rock. It doesn’t really sit still – instead it constantly shapeshifts, with only LINN‘s voice, vocoded and droll, the guide to pull you through the song, something between sneering and sincere, for music that manages to capture the spirit of a very modern feeling, even though you’d struggle to name exactly what that feeling is. LINN says it’s “a song about trying not to take things too seriously and being a little less pretentious. In Danish we have a saying that goes something like ‘it’s not a matter of what happens to you, but how you cope with it’ I wrote a verse and it seemed a little dark and depressing, so I wanted to twist it with a bit of humour. That’s also why the song and EP are called Happy Metal, I like to play around with genres, contrasts and moods”. Her debut EP is out on November 20th.

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