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— Daily Tune 19/09/2018

Linn Koch-Emmery – ‘Don’t Sleep On My Luv’

Sweden’s Linn Koch-Emmery is a long-term favourite of ours, so it’s always good news when she’s back with new music. After releasing the single Wires earlier this year, she’s now come up with Don’t Sleep On My Luv. It’s a song that carries all the hallmarks of what Koch-Emmery does best – soda-fizzy guitars charge and swerve around in bumper-car motion, the melodies are super-charged to camp inside your consciousness for weeks, and the mood is the perfect indie-mix of energy and open-hearted melancholy. Every time Koch-Emmery returns with another razor-sharp, rocket-fuel guitar song, I wonder how she can keep coming up with them. Don’t Sleep On My Luv shows that she’s still got a plentiful supply, and long may that continue. It’s out now on Welfare Sounds, and you can catch her live at Reeperbahn tomorrow.

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