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— Daily Tune 22/10/2019

Little Scream – ‘One Lost Time’

Having released two highly acclaimed albums, The Golden Record and Cult Following, Montreal-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Laurel Sprengelmeyer, known under her stage name Little Scream incorporates a musical style between folk, pop and art rock with a voice at its core that is at once soothing and yet has something mesmerising to it. One Lost Time, the recently released single from her forthcoming record Speed Queen, initially evokes a rather mellow, airy ambiance in the verse, foregrounding the delicate voice of Sprengelmeyer, only to soar up in an energetic and electrifying chorus. Revolving around a predominant electric guitar sound, the song maintains a well-balanced ride between the feeling of a certain delicacy and a driving musical intensity that pierces through the entire piece. We’re excited to hear more – the new record is to be released on October 25th.

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