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— Daily Tune 09/11/2021

“Doomsday” By Lizzy McAlpine Presents A Haunting Gaze At Toxic Relationships

Doomsday is Lizzy McAlpine‘s first new solo release this year and it might just point the way to more material from the rising indie artist. Sombre and brimming with tension – just like the video for which she wrote the script – the song is about being in a relationship that is so toxic that you know it’s doomed and preparing yourself for that eventuality,” McAlpine notes. “It’s heavy in funeral metaphors, because heartbreak to me is like a death and that’s where I got the concept for the skeleton look in the music video.” As soft guitars unfurl an initial melancholic mood (“pull the plug / make it painless i don’t want a violent end”), Doomsday unravels a sincere sentiment, balancing the edge between introspective songwriting and roaring energy, as the song nears its finale. Head to the piece right here and give it a good spin!

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