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— Daily Tune 03/12/2019

Lodet – ‘Volvo’

Lodet‘s single Calling, was described by Swedish national radio as “The best driving song of the summer”, and one thing he’ll never be accused of is being off-brand. So here’s the new single, Volvo, aiming to take the prestigious “Best Winter Driving Song” title. By virtue of putting his vocals down the John Lennon production tube, Volvo sounds like if The Beatles had turned their hand to motorik rock. The song is built on the solid bedrock of its tumbling drums and rumbling fuzz, but there’s melody under the squall, as you might expect of a man who spent a chunk of his career as a major label songwriter. It’s a song that sounds fun and carefree, and if you could open your car windows during the Swedish winter without getting frostbite you might even blast it out of them.

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