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— Daily Tune 25/03/2021

Louien Fuels Swelling Harmonies On The Empowering “Better Woman”

Norwegian indie-folk act Louien, led by songwriter Live Miranda Solberg, has just announced her forthcoming new EP No Tomorrow (dropping in June) and the charismatic Better Woman is its lead single, revealing an energetic yet moody spirit. Smudgy electric guitars create a sombre ambiance, with Solberg’s voice steering through the sonic clouds, which are soon complemented by a lively string section, turning the dark shadows of melancholy into the vibes of a breezy summer’s day. However, all the fortitude is not without its shades: “Better Woman is about an argument between a woman and her partner, someone she’s in love with, but she doesn’t know how to get through to”, explains Solberg, giving a bleak introduction to the essence of this noteworthy piece. Tune in right here and stay tuned for more soon.

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