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— Daily Tune 02/07/2020

Lucern Raze Take Pysch-Rock On A Joyride On “Elvis Ronaldo”

Luke Reilly’s Lucern Raze project hadn’t been seen since their 2015 album Stockholm One, but lockdown gave him the time to revive the project. And the time to completely remake it, because 2020’s version of Lucern Raze have left the garage rock of their earlier records behind them, and transformed into a ADHD collage of rock, psych, garage and jungle. The track Elvis Ronaldo serves as a good intro to the new sound – sawn-off guitars are fused with breakbeat rhythms, and Sudakistan come in as special guests to bring their energy to this manic joyride of a song. The song also comes with a video by Sudakistan‘s Maikel Gonzalez, which uses the song to fuel a screwball, reality-bending narrative. It’s music that sounds like several genres weirded and warped into something new, and it’s a lot of fun. Lucern Raze‘s new album International Breakdown is out now.

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