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— Daily Tune 07/05/2019

LUNAS – ‘feels’

While it is surprisingly quiet around established Cologne-based artists such as Woman or Vimes, a new generation of electronically led artists are gladly taking over in order to add some relieving freshness to the so-called Cologne scene. Young musician and producer Marvin Mauelshagen aka LUNAS has been one of those electronic music darlings we have been following for quite some time now. Having released his debut EP DIVE written on a journey across Australia a couple of years ago, the newly improved sound of the crafted musician travelled new ways as well. His latest single feels, out now via Berlin label Raison Music, encapsulates the atmosphere of a rainy night in the city, while his refrain of ‘There’s a lie, you know’ could refer to both his illuminated surroundings and a glimmer of hope he is trying to hold on to. Equal parts brisk and pensive, feels succeedes at painting a lively picture without giving away the whole story.

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